The quality of legal services often depends as much on the interpreter as the provider.

Acutrans legal On-Site Interpreting (OSI) service provides legal foreign language interpreters for trials, depositions, interrogatories, and any other circumstance that dictates the need for an interpreter.

Acutrans’ legal interpreters are familiar with customary courtroom etiquette, conversant with legal terminology, and adhere strictly to confidentiality standards.

Our Legal Interpreters are trained in the Following Skills:

  • legalOSIBasic interpreting skills
  • Ethics
  • Communication techniques
  • Legal terminology
  • Key legal information
  • Communication skills for advocacy
  • Professional development

Evaluate On-Site Interpreter Performance Online
In order to make sure our staff is consistently providing professional service to our clients, Acutrans has developed a quick and easy online client survey to rate interpreters based on their performance. The survey can be completed in minutes, and management confidentially reviews all results. Acutrans also holds bi-annual employee workshops designed to inform and update employees on new standards, codes of conduct, ethics, and excellence in interpreting.

Acutrans provides a variety of reports which will help your legal department’s billing by minute, hour, or day. This reporting system also gives you report queries by number, service date, facility, department, client, language, requester, interpreter, and cancelled appointments. The reporting functionality is available online, and all reports can be delivered in Excel or PDF formats. We can provide a custom analysis and recommendations that will make this tool more valuable and useful for your company’s accounting needs. Acutrans will provide all the integration, implementation, and training necessary for effective utilization of this service.

Scheduling and Account Management
Acutrans clients can schedule, cancel, edit, and review upcoming OSI appointments online through our secure HIPPA compliant website. Your dedicated Auctrans account representative will provide all of the integration, implementation, and training necessary for effective utilization, customization, and optimization of our system.