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Post-Editing Machine Translation (PEMT)

Post-editing machine translation (PEMT) is a hybrid translation process that uses both human and machine translation to produce accurate certified translated documents. Acutrans offers post-editing machine translation (PEMT) in over 300 languages for industries including medical, legal, education, health care, entertainment, finance, technology, manufacturing, and marketing. For accurate, professional, and certified post-editing machine translation services, choose Acutrans.

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Machine Translation and Post-Editing
  • languages 300+ LANGUAGES
  • accurate interpretation and document translation services Formatting, Layout, Desktop PUBLISHING
  • linguists High Volume REQUESTS
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  • affordability speed accuracy Affordability SPEED AND ACCURACY
machine translation post-editing

Using Machine Translation and Post-Editing

Machine translation is an automated software that translates documents using artificial intelligence and neural programming. Post-Editing is the process of editing a document for accuracy, flow, and localized references. Bringing these two processes together ensures that the completed translated document is not only technically accurate but locally relevant as well.

Machine translation translates texts quickly so that the general messages and ideas of a document are understood. Machine translation is often suitable when it is only necessary to understand the overall meaning of a document. Generally, when using machine translation, the final translated document has grammatical and stylistic errors that must be corrected. Machine translation has come a long way in terms of speed and accuracy over the past few years due to advances in machine translation software and artificial intelligence; it can now process very high volumes of words in nearly every language very quickly. However, post-editing is required to ensure the complete accuracy of a document.

Post-Editing by a human translator is a check for inconsistencies, mistranslations, omissions, punctuation, and general style and clarity within a document translated by machine translation. While machine translation post-editing is slower than machine translation alone, it is a way to ensure improved flow and clarity, accuracy, and cultural sensitivity while saving money by not using full translation, editing, and proofreading.

Post-Editing Styles

document translation memory tools

Light Post-Editing

There are different types of post-editing. Which one a company chooses depends on its needs. There are two main types: light post-editing and full post-editing. Light post-editing is done after machine translation only to correct major errors that impact comprehension of the document, such as mistranslations, additions, and omissions.

Light post-editing is sufficient for situations in which a translated document needs to be comprehensible and accurate, communicating the same meaning as the original source. This method is generally less expensive and takes a shorter amount of time to complete than full post-editing.

It is best to use Light Post-Editing in these situations:

  • When you need a translation quickly
  • When you only need to understand the general ideas of a document
  • When a document will not be officially published (i.e. for internal company memos)
  • When spelling, grammar, and punctuation is not necessary to correct
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accurate interpretation and document translation services

Full Post-Editing

Full post-editing is when an entire translated document is corrected for accuracy, as well as style, grammar, and cultural relevance. Every single mistake from the machine translation is corrected during full post-editing. The client’s glossary of terms is often included in full post-editing, and the human post-editor refers to this resource during the process. The final translated document is not only accurately translated, but also stylistically relevant to the company’s branding, grammatically correct, and appropriate for the audience.

While full post-editing generally takes longer and is more expensive than light post-editing, it is the best option when a company is publishing content or when the content requires technical knowledge.

It is best to use Full Post-Editing in these situations:

  • When the translated document will be published (online, in a blog, etc)
  • When a full understanding of the translated document is required
  • When you need a culturally sensitive translated document
  • When the translated document requires a human touch to follow a company’s branding and style guidelines (a website, social media content, customer communications, etc.)


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Acutrans' Post-Editing Machine Translation Process


Submission/ Estimate

As soon as you submit your document to Acutrans, you’ll be assigned a dedicated project manager. Depending on your needs, they will determine whether light or full post-editing is needed for your project.


CAT Tools Upload

Approve your free estimate, then the ball is in our court! Your file is uploaded into one of our CAT tools and is attached to your company’s specific translation memory and appropriate machine translation software.



We put our machine translation to work and have it translate the entirety of your document. After it is translated, the post-editor goes through the translation and does either light or full post-editing according to the project’s specifications.


Final Review

Your project manager reviews the file one more time and saves the final copy to our database. In addition, the project manager updates the machine translation so that it is better tuned to your company’s writing style next time it’s used.

Your Translated Document is Delivered

You receive your notarized, certified document by your preferred delivery method and in the native file type.

Post-Editing Machine Translation (PEMT) Topics


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