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Medical Translation Services

Acutrans offers certified medical translation in over 300 languages!

Our dedicated team of medical translators has years of experience in all types of medical documents. The majority of our medical translators possess doctorate degrees in their country of origin or the United States. They understand better than anyone the patients’ and hospitals’ need for accurate, technical information. Our strict quality control processes assure that your patient records, hospital flyers, and medical notes are correct and on time, every time. Our certified translations of your medical documents assure that doctors, patients, and hospital staff have the most accurate information available to them in their own languages.

All translations go through a rigorous quality assurance assessment before delivery to ensure accurate medical translation and your satisfaction.

We’ll Translate These Medical Documents for You: 

  • Informed Consent forms
  • Medical records
  • Discharge summary
  • Patient Information
  • Medical History Report
  • Physical Examination Report
  • Clinical Trials
  • Toxicology Reports
  • Questionnaires
  • Patient-Reported Outcomes
  • Regulatory Documents
  • Scientific Journal Articles
  • Patient Recruitment Materials
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medical translation services
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Why Is Acutrans Your Best Choice for Medical Document Translation?

document translation memory tools

Translation Memory & CAT Tools

Computer-assisted translation tools, or CAT tools as they are commonly known, are computer programs that streamline the translation process, increase consistency between linguists across multiple documents, and store translation data for future reference/use. This stored data allows for discounted pricing for future projects. The larger your translation memory, the lower your project price.


Certified Translation

A certified translation is backed by a professional organization that utilizes quality controls, has a strict code of ethics, and only uses linguists with years of training. At Acutrans, we certify and notarize all translations. Certified and Notarized translations are required for official government, medical, legal, and educational uses.

accurate interpretation and document translation services

Quality Assurance

Accuracy is paramount in our industry and we do not take it lightly.  Prior to joining the Acutrans team, all linguists are fully interviewed, evaluated and tested. In order to assure the highest quality, we incorporate CAT tools within translation, editing and proofreading (TEP), which allows for consistency of terminology and style. Additionally, all client projects are reviewed by the project manager before being finalized and delivered.

The Medical Translation Process


Send Acutrans Your Medical Document

Send us your medical document in one of our accepted file formats including: pdf, jpg, txt, Word, and more.


A Translator is Assigned

We’ll designate a translator or translation team based on the needs of your medical translation.


Your Medical Document is Translated

Completed files undergo a rigorous quality assurance assessment to ensure accuracy.

Your Medical Document is Delivered

Your newly translated document is delivered in a timely manner by your preferred method.

Medical Translation Topics


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