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Interpretation Services

Oral interpretation is the process of translating from one language to another while speaking. Acutrans provides professional interpretation services in 300 languages. We’re your one-stop-shop for all your interpretation needs, providing interpretation services for the legal, education, health care, entertainment, finance, technology, manufacturing, and marketing industries. Our interpreters are industry-specific and have qualifications applicable to your industry, so you never have to worry about anything being lost in translation.

Whether you need interpretation in person, via video remote or by phone, trust Acutrans to deliver an accurate, reliable, and professional solution.

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  • on-site interpretation services On-Site
  • over the phone interpretation services Phone
  • video remote interpretation services Video Remote
interpretation services
on site interpretation services

On-Site Interpretation

Acutrans’ on-site oral interpretation service provides professional language services in over 300 languages for your company’s meetings, school conferences, and medical appointments, or wherever an interpreter is required. You’ll benefit from our multicultural team’s years of interpreting experience, and hundreds of thousands of hours of on-site interpretation. Have questions? Check our FAQ.

Acutrans provides on-site interpretation for many industries, including:

  • Finance
  • Government
  • Legal
  • Manufacturing
  • Medical
  • Tourism and Hospitality
  • And More


The consecutive style is the most common form of oral interpretation. In consecutive interpreting, the linguist speaks after the source-language speaker has finished speaking a sentence or phrase. This style is commonly used in IEP meetings, doctor visits, and small group settings.

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In the simultaneous interpretation style, the interpreter translates the content concurrent to the source language speaker. This is often done within a soundproof booth with the interpreter using a headset while in view of the speaker. This style is commonly used in conferences, speeches, public events, and legal proceedings.

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Conference interpreting involves multiple interpreters, either consecutive or simultaneous, and specialized equipment. The Acutrans team works together to meet the specific needs of the conference.

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LIVE 24/7

Video Remote Interpretation

Our automatic call distribution platform handles over 40,000 face-to-face video calls per day. Each interaction is completely confidential and HIPAA compliant. With Video Remote Interpreting (VRI), your high quality, user-friendly video service is located in the cloud. This service requires no special training, effectively eliminating the cost of new equipment, infrastructure, and specialized IT staff. The downloadable application is compatible with a variety of tablets, including Apple iPad, Android tablets, laptops (Windows or Mac), and many other hand-held mobile devices (iPhone and Android). Have questions? Check our FAQ.

video remote interpretation services, VRI services
  • No wait time! Get an interpreter in 30 seconds or less
  • Volume-based discounts
  • Improves customer satisfaction
  • Access to certified interpreters in over 25 languages
  • High-quality, HD video and audio
  • Runs on your preferred device: Apple iPad, Android tablet, and many others – or let us install it for free on your preexisting system
  • 3-way call option
over the phone interpretation
LIVE 24/7

Over-the-Phone Interpretation

For your company’s meetings, school conferences, medical appointments, and any other event where a foreign language interpreter is required, Acutrans’ Over-the-Phone Interpreting (OPI) service provides professional interpreters in over 300 languages. Integrate our system with your existing phones, or access an interpreter using our On-Demand Interpreter application via iPhone, tablet, or other smart devices. Have questions? Check our FAQ.

  • Access to certified interpreters in over 300 languages
  • No minimum fees
  • Average speed of answer under 6 seconds
  • Interpreters are tested and rated in proficiency
  • Preferred rate for all languages at any time (no access fees)
  • Customized invoicing based on your needs
  • HIPAA & Joint Commission complaint


To provide you with the most professional, accurate service, Acutrans interpreters must complete the following qualifications within their designated area of expertise: basic interpreting skills, code of ethics, industry-specific terminology, communication techniques, in-the-field training, professional development, industry standards, and proficiency exams. 

accurate interpretation and document translation services

Quality Assurance

Acutrans believes quality is one of the most important aspects of interpreting. The following basic requirements are mandatory for all interpreters: certificate of interpretation from an accredited institution, annual performance appraisal, language proficiency test, semi-annual continuing education course, field observations, background check, drug test, and confidentiality agreement.


Our Clients Have Really Good Things to Say:

client reviews

Amazing experience with AcuTrans, they are professional, top notch in quality and delivery speed, and their prices can't be beat anywhere. Fantastic in every way

Michael Jensen, Google Review
client reviews

My company uses Acutrans regularly to prepare documents for the legalization and apostille process at foreign consulates. They are always fast and professional, and they get the job done right the first time. Our account manager is really patient with the "abnormal" outside of the box requests that we sometimes have. I really appreciate their reliability, and am impressed with the array of services they offer. I highly recommend Acutrans for translation services of any kind.

Laurie Lee
client reviews

I hired Acutrans to translate a large Spanish legal contract that I needed in English. I was impressed by the quick turnaround time and translation accuracy. Very responsive customer service. Keep up the good work!

Nick Kolavo, Google Review
client reviews

Acutrans is a highly professional and efficient translation service. Their staff was friendly, motivated and gave me excellent customer service. My family used them to translated a number of time-sensitive documents for our visa to move to Spain. Even while I'm abroad, I use them to translate personal and private documents, and they handle it with the utmost care.

Zack Adams, Google Review

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