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Localization is the process of modifying a product or information source to a region’s local customs and preferences to better suit the target audience’s cultural customs.

At Acutrans, we provide localization services in over 100 languages. We provide many types of localization services, such as website, software, subtitling, game, app localization and more. Our translators and localization specialists understand the target country’s language and customs so you can be assured that your product will be successful in an overseas market.

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localization services
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Why is Localization Necessary?

Increase Sales & Reduce Costs

Companies that invest in localization services experience greater sales in the target region. If a product feels familiar and easy to understand to a user in the target country, users are much more likely to use it and purchase it more often. A non-localized product that violates a country’s cultural and religious norms is much harder to sell if it sells at all. Localization services are an upfront investment with high return-on-investment potential. Ultimately much cheaper than developing an entirely new product just for audiences in foreign markets.

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Translation Is Not Sufficient

Localization is not simply translation. Localization takes translated text and ensures that it is culturally relevant in its context so target audiences understand the material presented to them. Simply translating the finished product to the source language is not enough to produce long-term sales success. For example, a website translated into French from English may be grammatically and linguistically accurate, but if the website has not been localized for France, the website will not be used widely in the country because it lacks a certain appeal that French audiences expect.

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Improves Customer Satisfaction

Localization sends a message to customers that their needs are important and that a company is willing to go the extra mile for their satisfaction and understanding. Localization provides a level of personalization that would not be present in the customer experience otherwise. When customers feel as if their needs are important and being met by a company, they are much more likely to be satisfied with the company. Increased customer satisfaction leads to increased sales, as well as more opportunities for expansion into other regions.

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Localization Services

Website Localization Services

Website localization is the process of taking a website and translating it to match the customs and preferences of specific regional audiences. Website localization services ensure that a website is ready to serve international customers in the same way it serves customers in the website’s home country. For example, a US-based website that wants to launch its website in India must adapt their website content to match the cultural and linguistic tone of India. Website localization is not simply translating the website text to an audience’s target language; localization includes many aspects such as modifying date and unit formats and using more regionally relevant terms. E-commerce websites that want to expand into another regional market must have proper currency, units, and payment options reflected on the website.

For accurate and professional website localization services, choose Acutrans. Our website localization specialists understand a country’s customs and regional terms and ensure that the website text and features reflect those. Our localization team can work with your marketing, development, and design teams to help them understand how a website can successfully translate to another regional market.

Choose Acutrans for website localization services and watch your foreign market business grow!

Localization Services

Software Localization

Similar to website localization, software localization is the process of adapting software to a region’s linguistic, technical, and cultural requirements. Software localization is an essential part of launching software in another market. In order for software to be used in another market, it must meet the standards of that market and match the technical experience of that market’s users. The target regional audience must find the software to be user-friendly and commensurate with their technical background. Graphics and images must match the region’s preferences and understanding of the software, otherwise, the software will not be successful or widely used in the target country. For example, if a software provider developed a program in the US for English-Speaking audiences and they want to launch their software in China, software localization services are necessary to make that software more usable and applicable for Chinese audiences.

If your company is developing software and has a long-term international expansion goal, reach out to Acutrans for software localization services. Our software localization specialists thoroughly understand a country’s customs, technical requirements, and regional terms and ensure that the completed, localized software reflects those. Our technical, industry-specific localization specialists can work with your IT and Development teams to help them understand how software can meet the technical requirements of another region.

Choose Acutrans for accurate, professional, and reliable software localization services.

Localization Services

Game Localization

Game Localization is necessary for launching a video or computer game in a foreign market. Graphics, storylines, and characters in the games must be localized to a country’s customs and traditions in order for it to sell. For countries that have religious and cultural norms, censoring a video game before launching it is crucial. Censoring can include removing or limiting profanity, blood, gore, and violence depicted in the game.

Perhaps one of the most successful examples of game localization is when Nintendo launched their video games and Nintendo Entertainment System in the US. Nintendo ensured that their games were localized so that US audiences could easily play their games and relate with their characters. With their successful expansion to the US, Nintendo sold millions of games in both in the US and worldwide and is now a leader in the gaming industry.

For accurate, professional, and industry-specific game localization services, choose Acutrans. Our game localization specialists understand a country’s customs and regional terms and ensure that the completed video game reflects that. Our translators can work with your game development and design teams to help them understand how to make their video games translate well to another regional market.

Our team will ensure that the completed game is culturally relevant, censored, and applicable to the target market.

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