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For medical practitioners, getting accurate information across to patients is critical, given the serious nature of medical services. Our dedicated team of professional medical interpreters understands this better than anyone. Our medical interpreters have years of experience interpreting in medical facilities and have logged thousands of hours of on-site medical interpreting. In addition, our medical interpreters go through extensive training, and all of our certified interpreters are well versed in both medical terminology and key health care information. Finally, our medical interpreters follow HIPAA guidelines, ensuring that any information exchanged between interpreter and patient is completely confidential. Accuracy, professionalism, and excellent customer service are the top priorities for our medical interpreters.

Trust Acutrans to deliver customized medical interpretation solutions for your hospital or medical facility.

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medical interpretation services
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Types of Medical Interpretation

on-site interpretation services

On-site Medical Interpretation

On-site, or in-person, interpretation (OSI) is essential for clear and direct communication during medical appointments. An on-site medical interpreter will be able to pick up on nonverbal cues that might be crucial to a session and may otherwise be missed by a video or telephonic interpreter. From doctors’ offices to hospitals, our medical interpreters facilitate effective communication from patients to doctors in all medical settings. 

Our on-site medical interpreters focus on customer service, professionalism, and accuracy, ensuring both patient and doctor satisfaction.

video remote interpretation services

Medical Video Remote Interpretation LIVE 24/7

Hospitals are increasingly faced with a dilemma: how do you increase the amount of care you give a client, while also lowering costs? One route some hospitals take is to improve communications between patients and their doctors by expanding language services in an affordable way through face-to-face video calls, or video remote interpretation.

Acutrans’ exclusive, HIPAA-compliant software application, On-Demand Interpreter (ODI), is the most cost-effective way for your medical facility to obtain accurate and professional foreign language interpretation. ODI can be implemented on your existing hardware or accessed through an iPhone, tablet, or other smart devices.

over the phone interpretation services

Over-the-Phone Medical Interpretation LIVE 24/7

Over-the-phone interpreting is a quick and easy way to have an interpretation done affordably and with short notice. For medical appointments, Acutrans’ Over-the-Phone Interpreting (OPI) service provides professional medical interpretation services in over 200 languages. Our system can be integrated with your existing phones, or you can access an interpreter using our On-Demand Interpreter application via iPhone, tablet, or another smart device.

Why Choose Acutrans Medical Interpretation Services?

Evaluate Medical Interpreter Performance Online

In order to make sure our staff is consistently providing professional service to our clients, Acutrans has developed a quick and easy online client survey to rate interpreters based on their performance.

The survey can be completed in minutes, and management confidentially reviews all results. Acutrans also holds semi-annual employee workshops designed to inform and update employees on new standards, codes of conduct, ethics, and excellence in interpreting.

Scheduling and Account Management

Acutrans clients can schedule, cancel, edit, and review upcoming on-site appointments online through our secure, HIPAA compliant website.

Your dedicated Acutrans account representative will provide all of the integration, implementation, and training necessary for effective utilization, customization, and optimization of our system.

Accurate, Professional Reporting

Acutrans provides a variety of reports that can be customized to satisfy the specific requirements of each client. This particular utility allows for standard report queries by appointment number, service date, facility, department, patient, language, requester, interpreter, and canceled appointment.

The reporting functionality is made available online, and all reports can be delivered in Excel or PDF formats. Our company can provide a custom analysis and recommendations that will make the reporting functionality a more valuable and useful tool for your accounting departments. Acutrans also will provide all the integration, implementation, and training necessary for effective utilization of this superior service.

Confidentiality & HIPAA Compliance

At Acutrans, we take confidentiality very seriously. All of our medical interpreters undergo industry-specific privacy training, follow HIPAA policies, and have signed a confidentiality agreement. Any information shared between an interpreter and the patient is kept confidential.

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