How to find the Right Interpreter for Your Business

finding the right interpreter for your business

How to find the Right Interpreter for Your Business

Interpretation is the translation of one language to another while speaking. Whether you conduct business overseas, engage in contracts with foreign companies, or are interested in expanding your market to non-English speaking demographics, you should consider hiring a professional business interpreter. Just as you would never go to trial without a lawyer or conduct a root canal without a dentist, securing a professional interpreter is essential to conducting business with others who speak a different language.

As interpreters translate the oral dialogue, they facilitate effective communication in business meetings, conferences, or events where two different languages are spoken. Interpreters don’t simply translate speech, they also take into consideration cultural sensitivities and nuances, ensuring that communication gaps can be bridged easily. In this article, we’ll share some tips on how to find the right interpreter for your business.


The Different Mediums of Interpretation

There are multiple mediums of interpretation. The right one for you is dependent on your business’s reasons for hiring an interpreter. Is it to ease communication during a meeting, or is it to help your multicultural staff implement a new IT technology? Whereas an in-person interpreter is likely best for translating during a meeting, an interpreter over video may work well in other cases or for languages of lesser diffusion.


In-person Interpretation

In-person interpretation, often called on-site interpretation, is when an interpreter comes and is physically present at the site the interpretation is taking place. This is best for meetings, conferences, and other in-person events. In-person interpretation can help to understand non-verbal cues of the subject, such as body language and hand gestures.


Video Remote Interpretation (VRI)

Video remote interpretation, or VRI, is a face-to-face video call with an interpreter. This form of interpretation is becoming increasingly common in medical facilities as it is considered to be an on-demand service that can provide interpreting quickly.


Over-the-Phone Interpretation (OPI)

Over-the-phone interpretation, or OPI, often comes with on-demand interpretation. This medium is best when an interpreter is needed fast or on very short notice and when it’s not necessary to see the parties’ body language or put a patient/client at ease.


Finding the Right Interpreter

Regardless of what interpretation style you decide is best for your business interests, finding the right interpreter is essential for success. Interpreters should be well-trained, sensitive to cultural differences, and always be professional. Interpreters are not just bilingual people; they are extensively trained in delivering content-driven interpretation and have a fundamental understanding of the terminology of your specific industry.

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