How to Find the Best English to Arabic Translator or Interpreter

English to Arabic Translator

How to Find the Best English to Arabic Translator or Interpreter

Differences Between the English and Arabic Languages

The English and Arabic languages belong to fundamentally different language families. As such, there are many differences between the two languages. Arabic is from the Semitic language family, while English is an Indo-European language.

The first difference between the two is the way you read and contextualize them. English script reads left to right, whereas Arabic script reads right to left. Arabic uses cursive, joined letters, while English employs the use of block letters. These joined letters in Arabic present difficulties in translation for the inexperienced translator. Additionally, the explicit use of vowels is not necessary in written Arabic. The writer usually trusts the reader to assume the correct vowel to make meaning of the sentence. [1] This can cause confusion for someone who is not very familiar with written Arabic.

Secondly, the use of grammar in each language is also very different. Grammar rules in the Arabic language are more relaxed than in English [2]. As such, translators usually need to write additional context when translating from Arabic into English.

These are just the differences in written text! There are also many differences between spoken English and Arabic. For example, there are six sounds in Arabic that simply don’t exist in English. These depend on the speaker contracting their epiglottis (in the back of the throat) to pronounce the words. English speakers do not learn this muscle movement when learning to speak, which is why they have difficulty pronouncing these words. Additionally, the sounds P, V, and G don’t exist in Arabic. [3] When choosing someone for English to Arabic interpretation, look for fluency in both languages. The interpreter must be able to pronounce the sounds unique to each language. Otherwise, miscommunication may arise.


Why You Need a Translator or Interpreter

The job of a translator is more difficult than it seems. It requires a great deal of time, skill, and experience to become a good translator. But, since translation is the conversion of written text, a translator can consult a dictionary or encyclopedia to help find the most accurate way to convey the idea.

When interpreting, the interpreter doesn’t have time to consult these resources, so it may at times be more difficult than translation. Interpretation in Arabic is different than translation for two main reasons. First, the interpreter has to be familiar with sounds used in one language that do not exist in the other. Secondly, the interpreter has to convert the speech in real-time and convey the message of one party to the other without breaking the flow of conversation. An interpreter has to maintain an extensive vocabulary in both languages and an adept mind to recall words quickly. An interpreter gains this skill through years of on-the-job experience.

Thus, simply using a bilingual friend for translation or interpretation purposes is no substitute for hiring a professional. It is a better idea to hire a dedicated service for the job.

Acutrans has been in the business of translation and interpretation services for over 20 years. Whether you need a document translated or an interpreter to converse with a foreign client, Acutrans has you covered. Big or small, we serve our clients with utmost dedication and loyalty. Our reviews on Google are a testament to our vision to provide our clients with the best service possible.


Finding the Right English to Arabic Translator or Interpreter for the Job

If you have decided to hire an English to Arabic translator or interpreter for a specific task, getting just any interpreter that can speak both languages won’t do.

Specific translation and interpretation jobs need specialist translators or interpreters who are subject matter experts. These translators and interpreters have taken courses that certify them to work in specific industries, such as healthcare, legal or finance. Their specialty knowledge in these industries enables them to properly understand the context of what is being said and convey it to the other party accurately, leaving out nothing. The training of these professionals in these fields allows them to understand the industry-related jargon and translate effectively.

If you think your particular case would benefit from someone with specialized knowledge, Acutrans offers certified translators and interpreters trained in the healthcare, legal, finance, education, technology, manufacturing, and marketing industries. We have a team of over 2000 linguists who are well-versed in these subjects. These are professionals who have passed the certification process and are ready to serve you in the field.


Translation Services at Acutrans

With a dedicated team of experts, Acutrans can translate industry-specific documents accurately to over a hundred different languages – including Arabic! We are here to serve our clients; if your document has less than 2,000 words, we promise to translate and deliver it on the same day, all without compromising on the quality!

With the best quality control professionals, we ensure that the translations we provide are 100% accurate and meet or exceed all industry standards. We assign dedicated project managers to different projects who review all the documents before sending them over to you to ensure accuracy above all else.

Interpretation Services at Acutrans

Acutrans offers professional interpretation services for many industries, including but not limited to:

● Legal
● Medical
● Tourism and Hospitality
● Finance
● Government
● Manufacturing

We offer on-site interpretation in these fields in over fifty different languages – including Arabic. Our interpreters are punctual, professional, and ready to assist at any time.

However, our years of experience have taught us that the need for interpretation services can arise urgently and without warning. This is why we offer not only on-site interpreters, but also 24/7 video remote interpretation through a computer or mobile phone. If you require our services in an area with poor internet connectivity, we have you covered with live over the phone interpretation.


With interpreters that specialize in over 200 different languages and translators that are experts in over 100, Acutrans is your authority on every type of language service. Get a Free Quote for Arabic Translation or Interpretation Services through Acutrans.