All About Video Remote Interpretation Services (VRI)

Video Remote Interpretation Services

All About Video Remote Interpretation Services (VRI)


Video Remote Interpretation Definition

Video Remote Interpretation, or VRI for short, is a video communication service that allows two different parties, who do not speak the same language, to communicate with each other. In this era of technology, only one device is required for VRI: a smartphone with a camera and an internet connection.

When two parties that don’t speak the same language want to communicate with each other, one of them can simply take out their smartphone and video call an interpreter based in a remote location. Typically, each party speaks in their native language to the interpreter, who then relays the message to the other party in their native language. As such, VRI can effectively break down communication barriers.

You can also use VRI to communicate with people who use sign language. A sign language interpreter will listen to you speaking and then sign it to the other person. They can then see the other person signing their message through the smartphone’s camera and then relay their message out loud to you.


Video Remote Interpretation Versus Over the Phone Interpretation

The major distinction between VRI and Over the Phone Interpretation (OPI) is the use of a camera in VRI. The major benefit of using VRI rather than OPI is that you can communicate with people who know sign language with VRI.

The other major benefit of VRI is that the interpreter can pick up non-verbal cues from the speaker and relay it to the other party. According to a study in 1967, UCLA professor Albert Mehrabian discovered that the interpretation of a message is 7% verbal, 38% vocal, and 55% visual. [1]

The interpreter can pick up the combined 45% verbal and vocal information over the phone; however, 55% of visual communication is lost when you are using OPI. This is why linguists have to take extra care when interpreting over the phone.

Many situations require extreme accuracy from the interpreter—they often have to ask questions of the parties to ensure that they convey the meaning behind their message properly. As such, OPI services might require more time from concerned parties. VRI is a much more time-effective service that conveys messages quickly, without breaking the flow of conversation.


The Benefits of VRI

Communication Between Diverse Groups

The world today is a global village. With advancements in the internet and the prominence of worldwide shipping and shopping, trade across all corners of the world has become so convenient. However, a language barrier almost always exists between people from different parts of the world that can make this trade difficult. VRI removes all language barriers and ensures seamless communication between different people around the world.


Convenience and Availability

One of the biggest advantages of VRI is that it makes communication convenient and is readily available at all times. The need for an interpreter often arises suddenly and without warning. No matter where you are in the world, or what time it is, if you ever need the services of an interpreter, you can simply take your phone out and video call a VRI service.


Subject Matter Knowledge

There might be scenarios where a bilingual speaker is available on-site to offer interpretation services between two parties that do not speak the same language. This is perfectly fine for most casual circumstances. However, more serious situations may require the additional skills of a certified interpreter instead.

Many skilled interpreters undergo special training and are certified to practice in a specific field. You can find many interpreters online that offer their services in industries as diverse as legal, healthcare, education, finance, entertainment, marketing, manufacturing, and technology, among others. Their training in these fields imparts them with industry-specific terminologies, code of conduct, and a professional attitude that enables them to be effective communicators.

For example, a medical interpreter will know about the exact names of different diseases in different languages. They will also uphold doctor-patient confidentiality and take steps to keep their services HIPAA compliant. Additionally, they will possess the psychological resilience to offer their services effectively in high-pressure situations, such as a car crash or a natural disaster. These are qualities that you will not find in an ordinary bilingual speaker that happened to be present on-site.


Where You Can Find VRI Services

If you are looking for an online video remote interpretation service, choose Acutrans. At Acutrans, we have been in the interpretation and translation services industry for over 20 years. Over the years, we have built up a team of over 2,000 linguists that are dedicated to providing you with the highest quality interpretation services that you deserve. Contact us to set up an account and begin using Video Remote Interpretation.

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At Acutrans, we know how urgently the need for an interpreter usually arises. No matter where you are in the world or what time it is, Acutrans has always got your back. With 24-hour and 365-day live interpretation services, we are always ready to serve our clients. Every day, we handle over 40,000 in-person video calls with our clients.

When you choose Acutrans, you can lay all your privacy worries to rest. Our staff is extremely professional, and every interaction is completely confidential and HIPAA compliant.


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