Demystifying ISO 9001:2015

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Demystifying ISO 9001:2015

As you look for the right language services provider to meet your needs, you may wonder if you need to find an ISO 9001:2015-compliant company is a necessity. This is especially true since this ISO standard doesn’t apply specifically to interpretation and translation. Instead, it could broadly apply to nearly any company type in essentially any industry.

While ISO 9001 isn’t a legal mandate and is widely applicable in the business world, language services providers that follow the guidelines are dedicated to meeting a higher quality standard. That could mean a better interpreting or translation experience for you.

If you’re curious about what ISO 9001 covers and why the standard matters, here’s what you need to know about ISO 9001:2015.

Understanding ISO 9001:2015 Quality Management Systems

ISO 9001:2015 focuses on quality management systems. While many ISO standards concentrate on individual business sectors or technologies, that isn’t the case with ISO 9001. Instead, it applies just as easily to product manufacturers as it does to service providers, including those operating in the interpretation and translation industries.

The goal of ISO 9001 is to make sure that companies provide high-quality products or services, mainly by ensuring they follow well-defined processes to offer consistent results. It discusses the strategic advantages created by implementing a quality management system, particularly when it comes to performance enhancement and improving customer satisfaction.

ISO 9001 also talks about the importance of uniformity and conformity when it comes to product and service delivery. Since companies typically aim to release products or provide services that offer customers the same experience, both conformity and uniformity can be critical parts of the operation.

However, it doesn’t outline a specific procedure that companies need to use. Instead, it simply covers the need for a robust quality management system, giving organizations the ability to design one that meets their needs.

Within ISO 9001, there is also guidance regarding continuous improvement. The standard highlights the need for always striving to be better, ensuring areas that could benefit from improvements are identified, and the proper corrective actions are taken.

You’ll also find insights targeting specific aspects of the quality management process. Along with plan creation-related best practices, there are guidelines for performance evaluations and internal auditing. Information about ensuring buy-in from the leadership team and the creation of company policies is covered, as well as details about various organizational roles and responsibilities.

ISO 9001 also tries to balance the needs of the company with the needs of the customer. Ultimately, the primary goal is the creation of a quality management system that works for all involved parties, ensuring that the company and customers alike are satisfied with the results.

How ISO 9001 Applies to the Language Services Industry

As mentioned above, ISO 9001 is a relatively broad standard that could apply to practically any industry. The need for quality management systems is nearly universal, and ISO 9001 provides guidance to help companies develop one that meets their and their customer needs.

When it comes to the language services industry, quality is of the utmost importance. Accurate interpretation and translation are essential, ensuring that individuals who don’t speak the same language can communicate effectively and that crucial information recorded in one language is available in another.

Language services providers that are ISO 9001-compliant essential dedicate themselves to quality. Along with making accuracy and exceptional customer service a priority, the provider creates reliable procedures to ensure top-notch outputs. This can include anything from ensuring all linguists have the appropriate knowledge, education, and training to creating review processes for translated documents to support the highest degree of accuracy.

Do You Need Reliable Interpreters, Translators, or Other Language Services?

Many companies and individuals have a distinct need for high-quality, dependable language services. By choosing a language services provider that adheres to ISO standards, you can rest assured that you’re getting the top-tier experience you need.

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