Access a Certified Medical Interpreter in over 25 languages in 30 seconds or less, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

Acutrans’ exclusive, HIPAA-compliant software application, On Demand Interpreter (ODI), is the most cost-effective way for medical facilities to obtain accurate and professional foreign language interpretation. ODI can be implemented on your existing hardware or accessed through an iPhone, tablet, or other smart device.

No New Infrastructure, Equipment, or Extra Staff Needed
ODI provides a downloadable application that is compatible with a variety of tablets, including the Apple iPad, Android tablet, laptops (Windows or Mac), and many other hand-held mobile devices (iPhone and Android). The system is completely interoperable and will integrate with your existing hardware, including your current cart solutions, eliminating extra costs for equipment and staff.

Highly Qualified Video Interpreters
Acutrans takes pride in employing the highest quality foreign language interpreters in the industry. Review our interpreter qualifications to learn more. Additionally, our American Sign Language (ASL) interpreters are nationally certified and have a minimum of five years interpreting experience.

ASL Video Relay Service (VRS) Calling
Deaf customers (patients/clients) are often unable to communicate with family and friends outside the hospital.  Acutrans customers can resolve this problem and improve customer satisfaction by making VRS calling available through E20 or other video capable equipment. All VRS calls are provided at no charge.

Customized Service and Support 

Acutrans offers training, support, maintenance, and promotional programs to help you publicize your ODI Video Remote Interpreting (VRI) solution to your patients, staff, and community. This service will help you and your staff make a smooth transition to this state-of-the-art technology. We become a true partner with your Hospital!

Acutrans is a certified Cisco Reseller and can ensure constant adherence to federal regulation and compliance. Our technology was designed to reduce your hospital’s exposure to liability claims, and increase patient satisfaction.