Translation Services in Milwaukee

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Milwaukee is the largest city in Wisconsin, with over half a million people calling it home. It’s no surprise that Milwaukee is a bustling Midwestern city–from the moment its founders had given it a name, it was destined to be a productive, metropolitan port city due to its location along Lake Michigan.

The first Europeans to settle the area that is now Milwaukee were French fur trappers. They were quickly followed by German and Polish immigrants. While Milwaukee is no longer predominantly made up of French, German, and Polish immigrants, the residents of Milwaukee still hail from all over the world and speak many different languages. When living in such a city with a multitude of languages, you may find yourself in need of translation services. Here are a few of the translation services in Milwaukee that companies are in need of:


Technical Translation

Do you have a dense document filled with industry-specific terminology? Documents that are technical in nature and require a fundamental grasp of the subject matter require technical translation. Technical translation can be useful for software, manufacturing documents, training materials, technical proposals, and user guides. Technical translators have first-hand experience with the terminology and concepts they are translating so that safety and precision are preserved across languages.


Pharmaceutical Translation

If you work in the pharmaceutical industry, your materials are likely full of long, scientific explanations and biomedical vocabulary. Not everyone understands how to properly translate things such as patient and dosing instructions or cutting edge research developments. Consequently, you should secure translation services that have experience working with the pharmaceutical industry and for a variety of companies. Even materials such as brochures, newsletters, and information handouts can benefit from having an expert translate them.


Medical Translation

The medical industry often deals with life-or-death situations, so getting your information across properly is critical. Regardless of whether your translation needs include patient records, medical notes/records, or consent forms, securing the services from a trained medical translator is undoubtedly the route to go. No one understands the medical industry better than doctors; look for translation services that employ medical translators that hold M.D. degrees.


Legal Translation

Navigating the legal system is already difficult, now imagine trying to do so when it’s in an unfamiliar language. We know that you want the best for your clients, and legal translation services can ensure they fully understand all of their important documents, such as divorce and marriage agreements, prenuptial agreements, leases, and rental agreements, corporate bylaws, contracts, and so much more.


Educational Translation

Teacher recommendations and parent-student handbooks are but two examples of potential documents that might need translating. Children, their parents, and faculty should all have access to documents in their native languages.


Vital Records Translation

When you undergo a move to a different country, it can be really overwhelming. Securing a place to live, finding a job, meeting new people – there is a lot on your plate. Worrying about whether or not another government will recognize items such as birth certificates and passports should not be an additional thing to consider.


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