Why Your Company Needs Professional Translation Services

Professional Translation Services

Expand your Company & Reach Global Markets with Professional Translation Services

Our increasingly connected world means an increasingly global market. As a result, companies are expanding to new, international markets or expanding simply to serve new demographics in local ones. When companies broaden their reach, they must mold their messaging to this new target audience. One common way of adaptation is through translating the source language – of things like websites, brochures, newsletters, etc. – into the target language of these new audiences. To do so effectively, your company needs professional translation services. Here are some of the benefits of professional translation services:


Expand Market Access

According to a Census Bureau report, there are more than 350 languages spoken in homes across the United States [1]. Across the world, there are more than 7,000 languages spoken [2]. By employing professional translation services, you can better access these potential markets. However, keep in mind you don’t have to translate into thousands or even hundreds of languages; approximately two-thirds of the global population speaks only 12 languages [3].


Beat Your Competitors

Translating your website or marketing materials can put you well ahead of your competitors. Imagine if you went to a website and saw that it was translated into your native language; many people would be incentivized to become a patron and return to that website in comparison to a website only available in English. Translating your materials shows you’re willing to go the extra mile to make your information accessible and easily navigable to your target audience. This extra care and consideration won’t be lost on potential customers.


Increase Credibility

A bilingual staff member won’t lend your company the same credibility as a professional translation service. Effective translation requires more than just an understanding of two different languages. It requires the translator to understand cultural nuances and colloquialisms, and how to communicate those in the target language. Accurate translations take years of experience.


Quality Assurance

Similar to a bilingual staff member not living up to translation standards, machine translation, such as Google Translate, do not always provide accurate translations. Machine translation cannot pick up on colloquialisms, idioms, or turns of art. Your company has spent tens of hours in perfecting your marketing strategy and translating that messaging properly into another language is critical to ongoing success.


Choose Acutrans

Acutrans has professional translators that can translate written text into over 100 languages, specializing in fields such as health care, entertainment, legal, finance, technology, education, and marketing. They employ over 2000 experienced linguists and in most cases can turn your documents around within 24 hours. With Acutrans, you never have to worry about quality. They have a rigorous quality assurance protocol and incorporate the latest computer-assisted translation (CAT) tools to couple with their translation, editing, and proofreading by real people. Lastly, they ensure that a human always looks at your translated text, to pick up on those cultural nuances or stylistic features.


With interpreters that specialize in over 200 different languages and translators that are experts in over 100, Acutrans is your authority on every type of language service. Get a free quote for translation services or interpretation services.