How to Find a Medical Interpreter in Chicago

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Seeing a doctor can be intimidating for many patients. They both hope the doctors understand their symptoms and that they don’t get a bad diagnosis. When the patient’s native language isn’t English, a trip to the doctor can become even more daunting. Not only can it be more difficult for the patient to properly communicate important information to their practitioner, but also patients may not fully understand the doctor’s diagnosis or designated course of treatment.

To help patients and medical staff communicate more easily and accurately, medical institutions hire medical interpreters.


What Is a Medical Interpreter?

Medical interpreters are trained professionals that translate oral communications to help patients that speak a language other than English and their doctors, nurses, and other staff communicate. They serve as a liaison between the two parties in the appointment.

Medical interpretation can happen in a few ways. There is on-site medical interpreting, medical video remote interpreting, and over-the-phone interpreting. On-site medical interpreting is when an interpreter comes to assist with medical communications in person. Medical video remote interpreting is when an interpreter is reached via a video link in a software application used in the hospital. Finally, over-the-phone interpreting is when an interpreter is reached via a phone call during the appointment. When choosing a medium, consider your medical facility’s needs and capacity.


Why Would You Need a Medical Interpreter?

Medical interpreters can bridge difficult communications between non-English-speaking patients and doctors and other medical staff. To provide patients with the best care, accurate communication is key. Patients may be in situations where they have to make difficult decisions while under stress. Having someone that communicates with them in their native language can significantly alleviate their anxiety within a difficult situation.


How to Find a Medical Interpreter in Chicago (and why choose Acutrans)

The residents of Chicago speak a multitude of languages. After English, the most common languages are Spanish, Polish, Arabic, Tagalog, and Chinese [1]. If you have a medical facility or a practice in or near Chicago, it’s likely that you deal, or will deal, with these languages regularly. To hire a medical interpreter in Chicago, look no further than Acutrans.

Acutrans has certified, multicultural interpreters that can interpret in over 200 languages. Their interpreters have logged thousands of hours interpreting on-site in medical facilities. Before beginning to interpret, they shadow experts and undergo extensive training. Many of them are medical professionals themselves and keep current with the ever-changing terminology of the medical field. Plus, Acutrans is a part of the ‘Bridging the Gap’ professional development program that prepares staff to work as medical interpreters.


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