Three Things to Know About Technical Translation

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Firstly – what is technical translation?

Unless you’re a part of a very small group of people, reading an operating manual on how to assemble a state-of-the-art virtual reality machine would be extremely difficult. Now, imagine trying to make sense of such a document when it’s in a language other than your native one. Technical terminology – such as that found in complicated operating manuals, for instance – is hard to understand. Riddled with words and acronyms frequently beyond the scope of understanding of most people, technical documents require expertise to translate. Technical translation is the translation of complex scientific or technical documents while employing the typical terminology of the field. 


Secondly – what types of technical translation exist?

Technical translation spans multiple disciplines, such as engineering, programming/software, medical, and scientific fields. Countless types of documents can fall under these categories. Just to name a few:

  • Operating and installation manuals

    • As I described in the example above, operating manuals can be dense. Effective translation of these documents will ensure that users – regardless of where they are in the world or what language they speak – understand how to operate your product.
  • Marketing materials

    • Let’s say you produce a brochure in English, highlighting the services that your company provides. But, you live in a cosmopolitan area, where the language of residents is not solely English. Translating your marketing materials – in this instance, a brochure – into additional languages will allow you to expand the potential market reach for your company. Applying technical translation to these types of materials will ensure that the more nuanced, technical components of your services are communicated accurately. Technical translation services will pay for themselves in no time.
  • Patents 

    • They say the best ideas come to us in the shower. Regardless of where your brilliant idea hits you, you’ll likely want to put it down on paper and begin the patent process to ensure that you can reap the rewards from your idea. When trying to obtain a patent for an idea, technical translation may be necessary. This type of translation for patents requires not only an understanding of the legal language typically applied, but also necessitates experience in the art of crafting a patent itself.
  • Websites

    • Nowadays, courting clients typically occurs online. Having an engaging, professional website is essential to securing their patronage. And when a website is translated into multiple languages, you have the potential to win over many additional customers and clients. 


Thirdly – how is technical translation conducted effectively?

Not everyone is a doctor or lawyer. Similarly, not everyone is going to understand the intricacies of your latest software string or technical proposal. Consequently, when considering translating these documents, you need to employ the services of experienced and knowledgeable technical translators


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