Finding On-Site Interpreters in Milwaukee

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Milwaukee is a cosmopolitan city, with people from all corners of the world represented. As a result, many workplace and community spaces interact in many different languages – ranging from Spanish and French to American Sign Language! If your organization works in many different languages, consider hiring an on-site interpreter. An on-site interpreter is someone from a reputable language services provider that will come in person to deliver oral translation services whenever and wherever needed. Below is a list of potential places in which you may need to consider hiring an on-site interpreter in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.


School Conferences and Meetings

When hosting a school conference or meeting, such as a parent-teacher conference or a Parent Teacher Association (PTA) meeting, an on-site interpreter may be helpful. On-site interpretation can help to bridge gaps at such meetings and without one, there may be miscommunication, frustration, and ultimately, anger. For instance, imagine attending a parent-teacher conference to discuss the performance of your child but you have difficulty understanding what areas to work on with your child, and you leave frustrated. An on-site interpreter can help avoid such feelings.


Company Meetings

The work occurring across Milwaukee has the potential to touch multiple corners of the globe; as a result, you may have to conduct company meetings with people that primarily use a foreign language. Whether this is a meeting with all of your international staff or with officials coming into town from abroad, an on-site interpreter can help facilitate communication. The on-site interpreter ensures that the main message of the meeting is not lost in translation, and everyone leaves on the same page.



It’s no surprise, but hospitals get patients from all sorts of cultural backgrounds. As a result, many of these patients may speak different languages, requiring on-site interpreters. However, you can’t just hire any interpreter for hospital work. Instead, you need to hire one that has training in both ethics and medical terminology. Without an advanced grasp of the terminology used in the medical field, an incorrect translation may occur – resulting in harm patients who don’t properly understand their conditions and added liability for the hospitals. Additionally, hospital on-site interpreters are trained on how to handle sensitive and confidential information as a result of their ethics training.


Trials or Depositions

Legal terminology, even for a native English-speaker, is often difficult to grasp. Now, imagine trying to understand that as someone who speaks a different language! For this reason, hiring on-site interpreters can ensure smooth operations and prevent misunderstandings. If you are in legal services, you can’t consider your practice complete until you have an on-site interpreter. Otherwise, you’re likely losing productivity when clients can’t understand the full range of options presented to them and risking a malpractice suit if their clients can’t make educated decisions about their legal proceedings. Similar to the hospital on-site interpreters, legal interpreters should have advanced training in legal terminology and ethics.


Hiring an On-site Interpreter in Milwaukee, Wisconsin:

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