How to Find an Interpreter for an Immigration Interview

interpreter for immigration interview


The Importance of Interpreters for Immigration Interviews

Immigration interviews are sometimes intense and almost always nerve-wracking for the immigrants being interviewed. This is especially true for immigration applicants who do not speak the official language of the country they’re applying to, or have limited proficiency in that language. To ensure a clear line of communication between the applicants and the interviewer, an interpreter who speaks the language of both parties is legally required. That interpreter acts as an intermediary to break down the language barriers that exist between the interviewer and the interviewee and establishes a clear line of communication.

Many governments, including the United States, encourage the use of interpreters for immigration interviews for people with limited proficiency in the national language of the country they are applying to immigrate to. However, the responsibility to find a suitable interpreter falls on the applicant, not the interviewing agency. Therefore, if you require an interpreter for your own immigration interview or for a friend’s or family member’s interview, you will need to hire the right interpreter on your own.


Why Using “Just Any” Bilingual Person for Interpretation Is a Bad Idea

You might be bilingual or you might know a friend or family member who is bilingual. And in some cases, it might seem like a good idea to use that skill to provide interpretation services for the interview. Although there is no harm in having a friend or family member interpret in casual settings, it is not a good idea for this interview where so much is at stake.

Interpretation is a much harder job than it might seem. Contrary to popular belief, being bilingual is far from the only requirement for being a good interpreter. A capable interpreter needs to have many different skills, and though they’re too numerous to list here, learn more about them in our article about the traits of the most successful interpreters.

Interpreters need to have an extensive vocabulary in both of the languages they are interpreting between. This allows them to interpret verbatim (word-for-word) and minimize confusion and the risk of miscommunication. Additionally, they need to have a keen memory to recall these words quickly and interpret without breaking the flow of conversation. Since the conversation happens in real-time, they do not have the time to look up the exact word they are looking for in a dictionary or encyclopedia.

Some interpretation jobs require you to hire certified interpreters with in-depth subject-matter knowledge and experience, too. Such interpreters undergo extensive training that imparts them with the necessary contextual insight, knowledge of technical terms and concepts, and a grasp of the relevant codes of conduct to follow when providing their services in certain industries. An untrained interpreter will not suffice.

For example, hospitals need to hire trained and certified medical interpreters with experience in the healthcare field. They allow doctors to communicate effectively with any non-native or limited English proficiency (LEP) individual who comes in.

In the case of immigration interviews, you need to hire an interpreter with prior experience in immigration interviews. The interpreter will know how to act and what to do when they walk into the interview room with the applicant. This reduces the risk of miscommunication and maximizes the applicant’s chance of clearing the interview.

If you are thinking of using a bilingual person to provide interpretation for an immigration interview, think again. In an attempt to save a little money you might actually be reducing the chances of a successful interview. Finding a suitable interpreter, however, is not as hard as you might think. 


Difficulties in Finding Suitable Interpreters for Immigration Interviews

Finding a suitable interpreter for an immigration interview can be intimidating, especially if you have never done so before. You want to get a competent interpreter so that no miscommunications arise in the process that could lower your chances of clearing the interview. And if you’ve never hired an interpreter before, you might have no idea how much a good interpreter costs. Therefore, you might worry about overpaying for their services.

Rather than scouring the classifieds for a skilled interpreter and vetting suitable candidates, you can hire a reputable interpretation services agency. These agencies carefully assess all the people who apply for an interpretation job and hire only the most skilled professionals. This way, you do not have to go through the hassle of finding interpreters yourself. You can rest easy knowing that you will have a skilled and experienced interpreter by your side when you go for the immigration interview.


How to Find an Interpreter for an Immigration Interview

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Acutrans provides certified translators and interpreters in a host of industries and fields, including the finance, legal, life sciences, health care, government, entertainment, marketing, and manufacturing industries, among others. If you require an interpreter that has previous experience of working in the immigration interview room, we are ready to provide just such an individual for you. Just remember to mention this requirement when you put in the request for an interpreter.


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