How to Find a Website Translator

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An effective website is essential for increasing demand for your company’s services or products by driving internet traffic to informational pages. By “effective”, we mean that the website is user-friendly, navigates seamlessly, and has a clear message. Getting your message across through your website is what can ultimately make or break a potential customer from engaging further with your company.

If you are interested in expanding to markets that speak a language other than English, you’ll need to translate your website into those target languages. As accurate and effective content is the bridge between you and your potential customers, ensuring that the website translation is done properly should be a top priority. Here, we outline some tips for how you can find a website translator that will reliably convert the content and branding of your website into another language.


Avoid Free Machine Translation

Free translation software comes with many search engine platforms: Bing, Firefox, etc. Most famously, Google has its own translation service: Google Translate. Google Translate is estimated to serve over two hundred million people daily, translating into over 100 different languages. [1] Although Google Translate may work in some cases – especially for individual words and short phrases – it is not reliable for all translation the majority of translation tasks. Google Translate can effectively translate the general gist of a short message into another language, but you will likely have spent a long time honing, refining, and perfecting your website content that needs to be translated and it is now being risked in machine translation. Would you feel comfortable sacrificing that effort in your translated website just by saving time initially? With Google Translate, the nuances of strategic content and branding are lost.


Choose a Trusted Translation Service

Your website is often the first place a customer will interface with your brand or company. When your website is translated, it’s worth it to invest in professional translators. Carrying over your website’s content from the source language into the target language can be tricky and requires the type of finesse that only a human touch can provide.


Acutrans Is the Best Choice for Website Translation

Not only does Acutrans translate written text into over 100 different languages, but it also has an experienced group of approximately 2000 linguists guaranteeing that your website translation is handled by someone who is a native speaker of your desired target language.

Rather than relying on inaccurate computer-based translation like Google Translate, Acutrans uses a combination of human touch and technology to bolster its own translation services. They use computer-assisted translation tools (CAT tools) to ensure a fast turn-around on translation requests and to create consistency across multiple linguists if a team is required for your translation needs. Acutrans will also create and upkeep a unique translation memory (TM) for your company. A TM saves translations of specific phrases and keywords for your brand, ensuring that terminology used on your website gets translated consistently across all of your pages. Furthermore, Acutrans has extensive quality control processes and only employs linguists that have more than five years of experience working in the field.


When you need a website translator, come to Acutrans. With translators that are experts in over 100 languages, Acutrans is your authority on website translation. Get a Free Quote for Website Translation Services from Acutrans.