Have You Ever Wondered Who Your Translator Is?


Have You Ever Wondered Who Your Translator Is?

Have you ever thought about who is translating your document? Did you ever ask yourself where they are from and why they became a translator? Many of our clients want to know more about who is translating their documents! This is no surprise considering their patients or customers will be reading something this person has created.

We decided to interview some of our translators about their experiences with language and translation.


Our first translator is Virginia.  Virginia has been with Acutrans for over 10 years specializing in English into Spanish medical translations. When asked about how she became a translator and why she continues she said:

I’ve been interested in languages for as long as I can remember. To me, each word has its own personality, and the infinite possibilities of how to say something is simply amazing. However, I didn’t choose this profession – it chose me by fate. When I discovered the beauty and nobility of this profession, I decided to embrace it with heart and soul.

To me, translation means the joy of continuous learning. Each project requires deep knowledge about what you are translating, and the cultural approach adds another dimension to the journey.

Curiosity is something all translators have in common! We all have the desire for knowledge. That little worm that drives us to dig deeper and deeper. We know that with each new reading we will find new possibilities and it will be difficult to stay with just one.


Our second translator we interviewed is Danielle, a French translator.  Her specialty is education, legal, and technical translation. We asked her why she became a translator and she responded:

I’m a former lawyer and about 15 years ago I had to translate some documents for work and I got inspired. I actually went back to school to get bachelor’s and master’s degrees in translation and I really don’t regret it.

Translation means transmitting a message to all people. I make it possible for people to communicate with each other. To learn, you need to love this part.

Each day is different. We can explore a variety of subjects as translators. You also need to be focused to find the right word for each context, it sometimes is a headache but it’s worth it.


Lastly, we spoke with Yulia, our Russian and Ukrainian translator.  Yulia specializes in medical translation. She responded:

I spent my childhood in a trilingual environment, so I guess I had no choice but to become interested in languages! When I was a young girl, I dreamed of becoming a doctor. Becoming a translator and dealing with medical texts is a great way to combine my both passions.

I feel I am helping others, so translation means a sense of accomplishment. It is also about learning something new, sometimes before others get to know it. That’s a wonderful feeling!

What is one thing I think all translators have in common? Patience, definitely.


It can be difficult to put a face to the human doing your translation. After all, you generally don’t know the name of your translator. It is important to remember they are people too! They come from different cultures and experiences, however there are a few things they have in common. All our translators are trained experts who are passionate about translation. All our translators love to learn and grow. And finally, all our translators feel that when they are translating, they are giving back to others.

At Acutrans, we strive to harness these human experiences to create the best translations possible. We actively recruit and work with translators of color, women, and people within the LGBTQ+ community. Our translators’ broad experiences mean more background knowledge to bring to a translation. It also means the people translating your text directly reflect the audience you’re trying to reach. Check out our website to find more information about Acutrans’ services. And feel free to reach out for your free quote today!

Responses have been edited for clarity and length.