How to Choose Medical Translation Services

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For medical practitioners, the question of how to choose medical translation services is a very serious one, because of the life and death nature of medicine. Information and text for medical supplies, medicines, and medical procedures from other countries have to be translated into several languages to be understood by patients in those locations.

Any medical translation that does not convey accurate information or data could result in serious problems. The language barrier that exists across countries presents a unique challenge to governments, organizations, and medical practitioners who travel for medical services. To succeed in their mission to “do no harm”, they must choose the best medical translation services. This article gives valuable tips on how to choose medical translation services for the best experience, regardless of where in the world you find yourself.


Experience and Accuracy

Choosing the best medical translation service may seem like a daunting task and it should not be rushed or taken lightly. Adequate time should be taken to research and select a service that has a track record of delivering accurate and timely medical translation services. Medical translation, like any other critical endeavor, has lessons that can only be learned from a combination of professional training and on-the-job experience. A company that has been translating medical data and information for 20 years across different languages and nations will have to overcome fewer challenges and will be better prepared during critical projects than a brand new translator. Due to the critical nature of medical translations, they cannot be left in the hands of unqualified companies that do not have vast knowledge and experience in medical translation.


Specialization is the Key

When choosing a medical translation service, it is best to steer clear of  “jack-of-all-trades” companies. In other words, look for a company that has a special focus on medical translation. This does not mean that the company must only offer medical translation services, but that it has distinguished itself as a reputable resource and leader within the field. Look for signs that the company is an expert like medical affiliations and partnerships, medical language services training programs, and the types of past projects they have undertaken. These can give you a clearer insight into their strengths.


Check out the Training

Training is the single factor that separates the leaders from the rest of the pack. When searching for a medical translation service for your projects, it is best to check out companies’ medical language services training programs. As the saying goes, “you’re only as strong as your weakest link,” and this applies in medical translations. A company is only as good as its least-trained translator or interpreter. Feel free to request feedback or reviews from clients who have had projects done in the past. Also, don’t forget to check out their response time and the quality of their customer service. A good medical translation company will have world-class customer service and get back to you very quickly. Ensure that you get a feel for their overall system and efficiency.


Choose Flexible Service

Medical translation is not always a straightforward endeavor; some situations require additional services, expertise, and customization. When hunting for the right medical translation service, look out for services that can acclimatize and innovate to meet unique and unforeseen circumstances that may arise during a medical translation project. The medical translation service of choice must also be one that is willing to meet your demands with understanding, patience, and professionalism.


Choose Technology and Speed

An agency that invests in people and technology to provide the best medical translation services should be a positive to look out for. Technology has revolutionized communication and medicine; it is only wise that a sound and experienced translation company will invest in the research and development of technologies that deliver faster and more accurate translation services across the globe while also attending to clients at lifesaving speed. Technology improves the accuracy and quality of service and makes the work of the human translator easier.

When choosing an agency for your medical translation needs, it’s imperative to choose one that has great technology at its disposal. Acutrans should be everyone’s idea of what a medical translation service should be. Especially, with over 35 years of experience in translation services and a special focus on medical translation. Contact us for medical translation services. 


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