6 Programs in the US for Translation and Interpreting

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6 Programs in the US for Translation and Interpreting

Translation and interpretation is one of the fastest growing job markets in the US. Jobs for translators and interpreters will grow by 20% in the next 10 years. Increases in non-English speaking immigrants and globalization is fueling this growth. Hospitals, schools, and the government are all looking for interpreters and translators. A university degree will help you stand out as an applicant. Each year, more colleges add translation and interpreting majors. Graduate, undergraduate, and professional certificates are all valuable. In this article we will discuss six programs.

Undergraduate Programs

Colleges across the country are seeing a demand for translation and interpretation majors. Each year more schools offer this major. Bilingual and fluent students can enhance their language degrees with interpreting and translation.

One of the best-known translation and interpreting programs is at Kent State. Kent State is a university in Akron, Ohio. For years it has offered bachelor’s, master’s and doctoral degrees in translation. Their Bachelor of Science in Translation is a pre-professional program. This degree can be paired with a language double major. The program is top of the line and creates true professional translators.

Another undergraduate program to check out is at the University of Arizona (U of A). U of A offers a Bachelor’s Degree in translation and interpreting. This is a one-of-a-kind program. Almost no other universities offer a major in both translation and interpreting. This degree is offered through the Spanish language department. Students major in Spanish with a concentration in translation and interpreting. This program creates multi-talented language professionals.

Graduate Programs

Master’s degrees aren’t required to translate or interpret. However, a master’s degree truly sets you apart as a professional. In addition, a master’s degree increases earning potential over time. Master’s programs are designed to be practical and prepare students for the language industry.

Firstly, the top master’s program in the US is at the Middlebury Institute of International Studies at Monterey. That’s the Monterey Institute for short. The Monterey Institute attracts the best translators and interpreters from across the world. Graduating with a master’s from this institution can lead to jobs at the United Nations, Department of State, and European Parliament. The Institute offers courses in translation, translation and interpretation, and conference interpretation.

Secondly, another well-known master’s program is offered through New York University (NYU). The NYU program is unique in that it is all online. The online format allows for students to study from anywhere, at any time. Programs are offered for French, Spanish, and Chinese. The master’s degree in translation covers translation theory and real-world case studies. Many students go on to work in localization and project management in the language industry.

Professional Certificates

Professional certificates are a great option for translation and interpreting. A professional certificate takes less time to complete than a degree. In addition, they are cheaper than a full degree. Universities and colleges across the country offer certificate courses.

For example, Boston University (BU) offers many certificate programs. BU offers certificates for community, legal, and medical interpreting. The certificates are offered in Spanish and Portuguese. Likewise, American University offers graduate certificates in translation. These certificates are offered across more than ten languages. The languages offered include French, Hebrew, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Spanish and more.

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