Translating a Birth Certificate When Immigrating


Translating a Birth Certificate When Immigrating: Why (and When) You Need to Do It

For many people, immigrating to the United States is the dream. However, the immigration process itself is challenging, mainly because of the sheer number of requirements. For anyone born in a non-English speaking country, getting a birth certificate translation may be part of that equation.

If you are wondering why you may need to translate a birth certificate for U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS), when you should begin the process, and where you can find reliable, certified document translation services, here’s what you need to know.

Why You Need a Birth Certificate Translated When Immigrating

When you’re immigrating to the United States, you’ll need to supply USCIS with a lot of documentation, including some relating to your identity. The paperwork allows USCIS to ensure you are who you claim to be, a critical aspect of the immigration process.

While it may seem like an original (or copies of the original) birth certificate and other forms of identification would be enough, that isn’t always the case. If the birth certificate isn’t in English, you’ll need to take an additional step.

Foreign language versions of birth certificates don’t meet the USCIS requirements. In fact, if any of the requested documents are in a foreign language, USCIS requires a “full English translation” from a “competent” source.

To put it simply, since it’s mandated in the process, having a translated birth certificate is essential. Otherwise, you won’t meet the requirements, something that can delay the immigration process significantly.

When to Get Your Birth Certificate Translation Handled

If you’re immigrating to the United States (or planning to soon), it’s best to start your document translation process as soon as possible for several reasons. First, you usually need translated documents for your initial application packet. Without them, your application may get delayed or rejected.

Second, the time required to complete a translation can vary. This is especially true if your birth certificate is complex. When complete, the translated birth certificate has to match the original when it comes to content, format, seals, and imagery. Depending on the features involved, the stylistic requirements alone can take a significant amount of time to address.

By submitting your document translation request well before it needs to be sent to USCIS, you ensure the translation is available before you need it. You’ll be able to submit it in a timely fashion, ensuring there aren’t any document-related delays.

Additionally, it’s wise to submit any other documents that may need translating at the same time. This can include marriage certificates, divorce decrees, financial records, and any other requested paperwork that wasn’t originally issued in English.

When you bundle your document translation, the paperwork can all be completed together. This streamlines the entire process, making it easier for you to meet the various requirements.

Choosing a Birth Certificate Translation Service to Use

When it comes time to translate a birth certificate for USCIS, using a professional, certified translation service is your best option. By using a USCIS-approved translation service – like Acutrans – you not only ensure accuracy but also that the translation will meet all USCIS requirements.

The translated birth certificate has to match the original, using the same format, layout, and image positioning, something that a certified document translator can provide. This helps USCIS ensure that the entire document was reviewed and translated.

Additionally, the translation has to be accompanied by a statement from the translator certifying its accuracy and the translator’s competency. When you work with a professional document translation service, that statement will be on official letterhead from a language services provider and will feature the translator’s original signature, ensuring it meets all USCIS requirements.

Ultimately, by using a USCIS-approved translator, you’ll have access to everything you need as quickly as possible. Plus, by working with Acutrans, you’ll get an electronic copy that’s ready for digital submissions, as well as a hard copy you can keep for your records.

Getting a Birth Certificate Translated with Acutrans

If you need a birth certificate translated, Acutrans can handle it quickly and efficiently. Simply request a free quote, provide your contact information, list the source and target language, and upload a digital copy of your birth certificate. You can also include additional documents that need translating, allowing you to bundle the work.

Once it’s received, your request is reviewed by a project manager. They can provide you with pricing, as well as a timeline for completion. When the translation is complete, you’ll receive your digital copy, as well as the certification. Hard copies will be mailed to your address, too, ensuring they reach you as soon as possible.

Acutrans provides interpretation services and certified, notarized birth certificate translations that are USCIS-approved. If you need a birth certificate translated – or any other documents – as part of the immigration process, the Acutrans team can offer a fast, reliable, and professional solution. Contact us for a free quote today.