How to Get a Legal Document Translated

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‘You’ve been served.’

When this line is delivered by a process server, it can be a terrifying thing to hear; it’s enough to make your stomach drop as if you were about to fall on a rollercoaster. This statement usually comes with a court summons when it’s spoken by a process server (and not by a waiter). When you are handed a summons – aka ‘served’ – you are often required to appear in court. If the summons is in your native language, you’d likely have no problem determining where to go and figuring out why you were summoned in the first place. If the summons was not in your native language, however, then there’s a chance you’d be downright baffled. 

Legal translation can be essential to guarantee that all parties properly understand the context of the matters at hand. Legal translation can cover anything from court summons (as mentioned above) to divorce agreements or contracts. When you need to get something translated, here’s how to do so:


Select a translation service

There are tons of translation service providers out there; which one is right for you? When deliberating, consider the language you’ll need the documents translated into, and select a service that covers that language. Alternatively, you could select one of the services that have expertise in many languages, as they’re then likely to cover the language you’ll need. For instance, Acutrans offers certified legal translation in over 100 languages.


Send in your documents

Whether you have one document or have a steady stream of documents that you’ll need to be translated, the first thing to do is to send them to the translation service provider. Make sure to follow their protocol to submit in the proper format. Some translation services use translation software, and not all file types are compatible. 


Wait for assignment

Once your documents have been received, you’ll get assigned either a sole translator or a full translation team – the size will depend on the extent of the needs for your project. If you’re just looking to get one lease translated, a single translator can speedily get the job done. If you’re translating a full set of case files or evidentiary documents, you may require a team of experts.


Wait for the files to be translated

Most files aren’t translated overnight. After the initial translation occurs, they will typically undergo a quality assurance assessment. When it comes to legal translation, you want to make sure that every word is right.


Receive your files – translated and accurate

Before long, your files will be returned to you. The method of return can differ and is usually customizable to your preferred method – email, fax, mail, etc.


Legal translation can be quick and easy when you choose the right legal translation service. Acutrans has experience conducting legal translation for over 100 languages and will respond to your legal translation request within 24 hours of reaching out.  


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