How to Find an ASL Interpreter in Chicago

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How to Find an ASL Interpreter in Chicago

What Is Interpretation?

Interpretation is the art of converting spoken dialogue or sign language from one language to another. If you want to communicate with deaf or hard of hearing (DHH) or mute people, and you do not know American Sign Language (ASL), you can hire the services of an ASL interpreter for seamless communication. 


What Does an ASL Interpreter Do, and How Can You Use Their Services?

An ASL interpreter facilitates communication between DHH or mute people and a hearing individual. Typically, the interpreter stands beside you, and when you speak to the DHH or mute party, the interpreter signs your message to relay your speech. The DHH or mute party then signs their reply, which the interpreter relays out loud to you. In short, the ASL interpreter works as a middleman to overcome a communication barrier between you and the other party.

However, the interpreter does not always have to be present on-site to provide these services. Sometimes, the need for interpretation arises suddenly and without warning. In such cases, where you don’t have an interpreter physically accompanying you, you can use video remote interpretation (VRI). By simply taking out your phone and video-conferencing a remote ASL interpreter, you can hire their services no matter the time of day or where in the world you are physically. With the help of your smartphone’s camera, an ASL interpreter can see the DHH or mute party signing and relay the message out loud to you. Then, when you speak, the other party can see the interpreter signing your message on your smartphone screen. 

VRI is a little more complicated than on-site interpretation. However, in the situations where you suddenly and urgently need an interpreter, there is no better option than VRI.


Why You Need to Hire a Trained Interpreter

You can always use a friend or family member as an ASL interpreter for more casual applications. However, interpretation is a skill that takes years of time, training, and experience to master. Interpreting verbatim (word-for-word) to ensure no miscommunications arise is a difficult process that only experienced interpreters can pull off effectively. For more serious situations where you are looking to make an impression, or want absolute accuracy in interpretation, or are legally bound to hire an interpreter, you should hire a certified and experienced ASL interpreter in Chicago.

Contrary to popular belief, an interpreter’s skill set is not just limited to knowing more than two languages (spoken or signed). Certified interpreters follow a strict code of conduct while on duty. This means that they will always keep the conversations that they interpret private and confidential.

Furthermore, for some interpretation jobs in specific industries, you need to hire a certified interpreter with in-depth subject matter knowledge of the industry; someone who’s based locally and knows the city and state-level requirements of an industry is even better. This knowledge comes from years of training and experience. Such interpreters possess the contextual insight, knowledge of technical terms and concepts, and knowledge of proper procedures to follow. For example, you can find a certified medical interpreter in the emergency room of a hospital, and a certified legal interpreter in court.

Psychological resilience is an important trait of experienced interpreters that people often take for granted. Interpreters often have to work in extremely tense situations, such as car accidents or the scene of a crime. While other inexperienced people start stressing out in such situations, a veteran interpreter stays calm and collected to perform their duty effectively.

For these reasons, it is always better to hire a professional interpreter where the need arises.


How to Find an ASL Interpreter in Chicago

Finding an ASL interpreter in Chicago is simple if you know where to look. If you do not know any interpreters who are suitable for your requirements, the best course of action is to use an interpreting agency to provide you with the right professional. Follow these simple steps to ensure that you get the best interpretation experience you can get:


Hire a Reputable Interpretation Agency

The obvious first step to take is to hire a reputable interpretation agency. This requires a little research and effort on your part. Look up each prospective agency’s reviews online. Only go forward with an agency that has a majority of positive reviews. Additionally, you can look up the agency’s website to get an idea about the quality of service that they provide. Reputable services offer their services in numerous languages and operating fields.


Inform Your Agency in Advance

If you are looking to hire an on-site interpreter for a particular event, let your agency know when and where you will require their services in advance. This will allow them to pick a suitable interpreter for your situation. The agency can then make all the required arrangements to get the interpreter on-site on the day of the assignment.


Share Details with the Interpreter

This is not a mandatory step, and people often skip it entirely. However, this step is key to getting a better, more streamlined interpretation session.

Sharing details ahead of time with your interpreter will let him or her know what to expect on the day of the assignment and prepare accordingly. If you plan to give a speech or a presentation, share the draft with the interpreter. This will allow your interpreter time to prepare and deliver a more convincing and impactful interpretation.


Choose Acutrans

If you are looking for a reputable agency that offers ASL interpretation services, choose Acutrans. Acutrans has been in the interpretation and translation services industry for over 20 years. Over two decades, we have built up a team of more than 2,000 linguists dedicated to providing you with the highest quality interpretation services you deserve. 

Our extensive team allows us to offer you interpretation services in over 200 languages. We have people trained in the finance, legal, life sciences, health care, government, entertainment, marketing, and manufacturing industries, among many others. Regardless of the industry you operate in, Acutrans can deliver a skilled interpreter who will make your job more convenient. 


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