A Complete Guide to Marketing Translation

Marketing Translation


A Complete Guide to Marketing Translation

We live in an increasingly globalized economy. As a result, many businesses and marketing firms are expanding their reach to international audiences. International expansion has multiple business benefits, such as new markets, diversification, and competitive advantages within your field [1]. Regardless of the reason for expansion, if you are a marketing professional who has clients in different countries, then you should consider hiring a translator. Translators can help to localize your documents, accurately translating your marketing materials to fit your target audience.


Translating Marketing Materials is Unique

The translation of marketing materials is quite different than the translation of documents in the medical and legal fields. When you’re about to launch your global marketing campaign, you need translators who have experience working with the creative documents that make up marketing materials. When these materials are translated for a new audience, the written text is not translated word-for-word, but rather the meaning and messaging of the marketing materials are translated for that specific target audience. This process is called localization. For instance, the way your online ads are phrased for consumers in Mexico City likely won’t appeal to consumers in Santiago, Chile.  More so than with any other type of translation, messaging may need to be tweaked.


Watch Out for Common Marketing Translation Mistakes

Marketing translation, because it is so delicate, is often more prone to errors if than other types of translation. Cultural blunders, such as casually mentioning or poking fun at a tradition or religious belief, are especially important to look out for. You want to ensure that your marketing materials remain sensitive to the local cultures, regardless of what language they are translated into.

Another common translation error in marketing materials is the mistranslation of colloquialisms and idioms. For instance, copywriters often create titles that use puns or alliteration in a clever way and translating these word-for-word into another language can lead to bad results. However, you don’t have to sacrifice creativity in your texts–you can employ the process of transcreation, (a combination of the terms ‘translation’ and ‘creation’), which enables you to make alterations to a text to have it better suit a custom audience, but still maintain the integrity and tone of the original.


Choose Acutrans

Acutrans understands that translating written marketing materials on websites, brochures, newsletters, etc. is a key way to reach new, foreign markets. Acutrans has 2000 experienced linguists on staff, with the ability to translate documents into over 100 languages. Plus, for documents less than 2000 words, we offer a same-day turnaround.

When you submit a document to be translated, a dedicated project manager is assigned to the task. Then, we apply cutting-edge technology to translate your document faster than other companies. Afterward, your dedicated project manager reviews the piece and checks for inaccuracies. We take pride in our translations, both certifying and notarizing them. Plus, we have a strict code of ethics and maintain rigorous quality control checks to guarantee that your translation is done to your satisfaction.


With interpreters that specialize in over 200 different languages and translators that are experts in over 100, Acutrans is your authority on every type of language service. For marketing translation services, Acutrans is your best choice. Get a Free Document Translation Quote from Acutrans.