8 Uses for Subtitle Translation Services

Subtitle Translation Services

Whether your business operates in a multilingual community or you want to expand your operations internationally, ensuring all of your videos are easily understood by a broader audience is essential. With subtitle translation services, you can increase overall accessibility, enhancing your reach dramatically.

If you’re wondering why subtitle translation services can make a difference and how you can use them to make your content accessible, here’s what you need to know.

The Benefits of Subtitle Translation Services

Subtitle translation services allow you to make your audiovisual content accessible by providing text translations of spoken words within the video. It ensures that a broader audience can benefit from the material, allowing those who speak a language other than what’s spoken in the video to understand the meaning of what’s shared.

While many people assume that auto-generated translated subtitles are sufficient, that often isn’t the case. Errors are common when using those systems, causing the text to relay confusing or inaccurate messages.

By using a subtitle translation service, you get high-quality results quickly. The translators ensure the meaning of what’s shared verbally is properly captured and that all text adheres to the spelling, grammatical, and contextual rules of the target language. That improves the overall outcome, ensuring the relayed message is clear and correct. 

8 Uses for Subtitle Translation Services

While subtitle translation services work the same way in every scenario, their potential is surprisingly vast. Here is an overview of eight uses for subtitle translation services.

1. Movies and Television

One of the classic uses of subtitle translation services is for movies and television shows. Often, entertainment is meant to reach as many people as possible. By offering translated subtitles, a wider audience can enjoy the content. Plus, the approach is more cost-effective than dubbing in many cases, making it the financially wiser choice, too.

2. Commercials

As with television shows, subtitles on commercials allow companies to reach a broader audience. Plus, they can result in a cost savings, ensuring the same core material works in multilingual communities or internationally.

3. Social Media Videos

On average, people spend 147 minutes per day on social media. Additionally, half of social media users prefer video content over the alternatives. Since that’s the case, creating translated subtitles for your social media videos is wise, increasing your reach in a popular landscape.

4. Videos on Company Websites

If you have videos posted on your company website discussing products, services, the company’s history, or anything else, having translated subtitles is essential. Even if you operate locally, many members of your community may have limited English proficiency. By adding subtitle options in common languages in your area, you’re ensuring everyone can learn about your business, making it easier to secure and support customers.

5. Online Video Advertisements

By and large, companies launch video ads online to generate interest and secure customers. Since many internet users have limited English proficiency, adding subtitle translations helps you connect with a potentially large customer base. Along with being an effective way to communicate the message, they can appear automatically on-screen. With video ads often being short, this allows internet users to access the translation without having to turn on the subtitles manually.

6. Employee Training Videos

A notable number of workplaces have multilingual workforces. By adding translated subtitles to employee training videos, the content is more easily understood by workers whose primary language is something other than English, improving knowledge retention. Plus, it can make the environment more inclusive and supportive, which benefits the company’s culture.

7. Customer Informational Videos

Informational videos are often an excellent way to support customers when a product or service has a higher learning curve. By using subtitle translation services to create subtitles for those videos, the content also becomes more accessible. You can use the same videos for a multilingual audience, all without sacrificing understanding.

8. Webinars and Online Presentations

Online learning is increasingly prevalent in the post-COVID landscape. By having translated subtitles for webinars and similar types of online presentations, it’s easier for an international or multilingual audience to learn the content.

Do You Need Reliable Subtitle Translation Services?

Finding high-quality, reliable subtitle translations services is essential if you want to ensure your video is accessible to the broadest possible audience. By choosing a subtitle translation company that adheres to the strictest quality standards, you get better results.

If you need professional subtitle translations for your video-based content, Acutrans can help. Acutrans also provides top-notch interpretation services – including on-site, over the phone, and video remote – ensuring our clients have access to all of the language support they may require.

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