The Many Languages of Milwaukee, Wisconsin

languages of wisconsin


According to the United States Census Bureau, Milwaukee County had a population of nearly a million in 2018. [1] The largest demographic group, with over half of the county’s population, is Caucasian, followed by African Americans (27.2%), Hispanics or Latinos (15.4%), Asian (4.7%), and a mix of other races (2.8%). [1] 16.6% of the residents in Milwaukee County speak a language other than English, which is lower than the national average of just over 20%. The three most common non-English languages are Spanish, Hmong, and Arabic with 10.3%, 1.3%, and 0.7% of the population speaking them. German, Chinese, French, Polish, and Vietnamese are also among the most widely spoken [2].


Languages of Wisconsin

Wisconsin as a whole has a rapidly increasing number of foreign-born citizens, with many of them coming from Asian and Latin American countries. Most immigrants from Latin America who have come to Wisconsin are originally from Mexico [3].

In 1990, 94.2% of the population only spoke English at home, meaning that a little over 5% of the population of Wisconsin spoke a language other than English at home. Since 1990, the number of Wisconsin residents who speak another language at home has risen to 7.3% of the population [4]. The greatest percentage of the population that spoke another language at home spoke Spanish. Of the 7.3% of the population that spoke another language, 3.4% spoke Spanish. After that, German ranked second in the state at 1.0% of the population. Other languages (which are less than 1% of the Wisconsin population) include Miao Hmong, French, Polish, Chinese, Italian, Scandinavian languages, Russian, and other West Germanic languages. [4]

Overall, Wisconsin is below the national average for residents that speak another language at home – especially for Spanish. [5] However, Wisconsin does surpass the national average for Hmong and German speakers.


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