5 Important Documents You Need When Applying for a Green Card

5 docs for greencard

5 Important Documents You Need When Applying for a Green Card

Each year millions of people apply for green cards in the United States. But applying can be a tough process! There are lots of forms to fill out and documents to submit. Many immigrants have a hard time knowing what to submit to the US Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS). That’s where Acutrans comes in. The Acutrans team has compiled a list of important documents you need when applying for a green card. Not only that, but we explain how to have them translated if they aren’t in English.

I-485 Form

This is the most important part of your application! Anyone applying for a green card in the United States has to fill out the I-485 form. I-485 is a 20 page form that can be found here. Make sure to fill out the form completely and correctly. You can find a list of important documents that go with this form here.

Birth Certificate

Your birth certificate is very important for applying for a green card! That’s because your birth certificate has a lot of information the government needs. It has your birth date, where you were born, your legal name, etc. In addition, your birth certificate shows your original citizenship. While birth certificates are different across the world but they all have that information. If your birth certificate is from another country, chances are it isn’t in English. USCIS only accepts English birth certificates and notarized translations of those birth certificates.

Luckily, Acutrans translates thousands of birth certificates every year. Our linguists are fast and accurate. We are able to provide you a certified and notarized English translation, no matter the original language. Our team can also provide you with up to 5 hard copies plus a digital copy. No need to make copies yourself!

Government-Issued Identification

Your government-issued identification is very important for your green card application. “Identification” means different things in different countries. USCIS says that it is any government issued identity document like a driver’s license or military ID. In addition, you can submit a voter identification card or passport.

Acutrans has translated government identifications from around the world. No matter the language, no matter the type of document. Our team can return any identification back to you within 24 hours. Our dedicated team is affordable and has industry expertise.

Marriage Certificate

You need to submit a copy of your marriage certificate if you’re married. You should submit your divorce certificate if you’re divorced. USCIS keeps track of your marital status while applying for a green card. This way the agency can understand if anyone else in your family will apply as well. Just like with your birth certificate, this document needs to be in English. The English must be notarized and certified.

Acutrans provides certified, notarized translations of marriage and divorce certificates within 24 hours. Our translation team works in over 100 languages. Our linguists are from all around the world and very familiar with all countries’ marriage and divorce certificates.

Certified Police/Court Records of Criminal Charges

Finally, you need to submit a certified police or court document that lists any criminal charges. You need to submit a certification of no criminal record if you’ve never been convicted of a crime. In many countries, you can request this document online and have it emailed to you. This document may make or break your green card application. If this document isn’t in English, you need to have it translated, certified, and notarized.

Acutrans provides certified, notarized translations of criminal record certificates within 24 hours. All your information is secure and confidential during the translation process.


Applying for a green card can be daunting. The Acutrans team is here to help. Our amazing linguists will quickly and accurately translate all your immigration documents. Plus, our Acutrans project managers understand the immigration process and can offer you consulting and guidance along the way. Whatever the immigration document, Acutrans can help. Reach out to us for your free quote today.