Buddy Check: Acutrans

PEORIA, Ill. — With the touch of a button, a local hospital is breaking through communication barriers and providing personalized care for those awaiting biopsies and screenings like mammography.

Yes, it turns out, there’s an app for that!

Pekin Hospital can’t afford a full-time sign-language interpreter and foreign language interpreters, so medical staff are using Acutrans, an iPad app, to bridge the communication gap and ease patient anxiety.

“We had a patient that required a biopsy that was unable to hear and we were going over ways that we might be able to let her know what we were going to be doing to her during the exam so that she could be prepared, no surprises, needle sticks and what she might be feeling and experiencing and wanting to give her a chance to express if she was having issues during the exam that we would want to know about,” explained Dr. Gordon Cross.

Dr. Cross says it is a cost effective device made possible thanks to a memorial donation.


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